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Monday, October 24, 2011


The past few days have been full of events.  Mainly the kind of events that you don't want to participate in. 
It all started on Thursday when we got word that a precious lady went to Heaven along with her grandson.  Just devastating.  One of the most well respected and loved families I've ever known in my life.  The upside to that is...Heaven.  A very real, wonderful place because JESUS is there!!  Oh to get to see Him face to face in all of His glory.  To feel His hand in your hand.  Oh Heaven just cannot be described by our limited vocabulary!! 
Then yesterday morning, we received news that a neighbor was shot and killed by police. WHAT!!  Yes.  This poor man had been to my door before and did yard work for us.  We saw him every single day walking in front of our house in our neighborhood doing yardwork, etc. for others around us.  Just totally shocking.
Here's the link to the news story:
The people in my house never once shared Jesus with this man.  I have since repented and I am determined that this neighborhood is going to hear about Jesus.  The One who can change their lives and make them new and whole.  The One who can heal their hearts and give them the water that they will never thirst again.  Not religion.  But, Jesus.
It's been a very sobering few days.

About Heaven - Won't it be WONDERFUL THERE!!


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