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Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Your boys were so well behaved while you were in our store!"

"Your boys were so well-behaved while you were in our store!" said the lady who checked us out today at the local school supply business.  That's one comment we haven't gotten alot of with Nathan.  Until today.  After the week we've had, that was a major blessing straight from God!!
Nathan has always been this whiney, crying, "nobody wants to hang around with type of kid."  Also the kind of kid nobody wants to take to the store with them. UGH!!
That has all changed and is continuing to change.  John got the book "Have a New Kid by Friday" by Dr. Kevin Leman and read it.  This all started this past Sunday evening.  We implemented some of the ideas in this book.  I seriously thought I was going to have to get nerve pills to get through it.
But, with MUCH prayer and perserverence, here we are "on this side" of things.  When Nathan would start his little meltdowns, we put him in our room (sitting him on our bed), walk out and simply shut the door.  Staying calm ourselves in the process.  Also, letting him know and understand he would not be playing on the computer or watching tv.  He LOVES to play games at or Sprout for kids.  He got the message.
Today, we had a pleasant outing with Destiny and the small boys.  We call them "the little boys" or the "babies".  Hagin is only 18 months old and Nathan 5 years old.
We were able to go to the school supply store and look around/shop with NO meltdowns.  Then we went to Raising Canes for some lunch.  NO meltdowns.  NOW we're getting compliments after only one week of this.  It's wonderful!!!
This was taken at "Whataburger" last weekend.
Monday was our first day of school!!  Fun times!!

Love me some lil boys!!!!  Looking forward to seeing Nathan blossom into a strong man of God and all the good things He has instore for Nathan!!

Hagin too!!  A future full of good straight ahead!!


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